Matt Schaub to the Ravens? “HILARIOUS”!


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Sure. The name of my blog page is..”IT’S A STEELERS WORLD”! But there is nothing more enjoyable for me than taking the time to rip the other NFL teams in our division.

Enter the Baltimore Ravens.

Sports Illustrated, Peter King recently reported that the Ravens agreed to terms with QB Matt Schaub, formerly of the Raiders.

“The rapidly-declining veteran was supposedly also drawing interest from the Cowboys, Titans and Falcons. Going on 34, Schaub was picked twice in 10 attempts for the Raiders last season, also taking three sacks”. King said. “Arguably the league’s worst starter in 2013, Schaub will be a shaky backup for Joe Flacco, but more experienced than Tyrod Taylor. Flacco hasn’t missed a game in seven NFL seasons, a trend that Ravens are obviously counting on for 2015”.

Now let’s take a look at the “Arguably the league’s worst starter in 2013” statement, because I can’t help but wonder how that is going to help the Ravens out in any way..shape or form.

As if having one unibrowed (single eyebrow) quarterback isn’t bad enough, I suppose they had to go sign another one to make it a complete set of eyebrows at the quarterback position. And whether they shave a space between them or not..they still exists.

I mean we are talking about Matt “Freaking” Schaub, the quarterback the Oakland Raiders found talentless enough to release. You know..Oakland? The city with the team where NFL careers go to retire or basically die? Yeah..that Oakland, but yet the Ravens seem to believe that this hack is a viable backup to the “Non-Elite QB” Joe Flacco. I guess new Raiders head coach, Jack DelRio is competent after all.

So now I am starting to believe that the Baltimore Ravens are becoming more and more like their father team the Cleveland Browns every single season, and have solidified themselves as the Shady Acres Retirement Home/Heaven’s Gate of the AFC North.

Brian Christopher Jenkins