My Message to Polamalu Fans


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What is wrong with some of you..seriously?

I’m getting a lot of Steelers fans expressing their desire to have Steelers safety, Troy Polamalu  stay with the team..which is fine. But then I also have quite a few saying “he better stay” or “he’s stupid to walk away” along with how many years he has left to play..which is moronic.

Look, none of us know exactly what is going through #43’s mind or how his body is holding up..”NONE OF US”! So the thought or belief that any of you know how he feels better than he does could not be further from reality.

In his 13 years with the team Polamalu has had over 700 tackles, accumulated 550+ solo and has thrown his own body around the field like a ragdoll for the Pittsburgh Steelers and his fans. So what in our right minds think that we have the right to have him endure more years of that? Not to mention he has a family to think about.

No one wants to see Troy retire including myself, but being a former football player and United States Marine I know when my body says it’s time to quit.

So if #43 decides that it is time to hang up his cleats..than so be it. Because in the end that decision falls solely on Troy Polamalu..not me..not you or anybody else. If he stays..”GREAT FOR US”! if he leaves..”GREAT FOR HIM”! Because I will remember him and his style of play either way it goes.

Brian Christopher Jenkins