Taylor is considering calling it quits


Photo courtesy of zimbio.com

It’s looking like Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor’s  NFL career is most likely over. Not that I am downplaying his pivotal role in the Steelers defense over the nearly 15 years with the team, but it would be a wise decision for him to call it quits.

Age has caught up to Taylor, and he’s truly been one of the most-victimized cornerbacks over the past couple seasons, getting burned at will on the outside by less than viable receivers. The Steelers were forced to bench him in Week 14 last season, two games after returning from a broken forearm that forced Taylor to miss eight games.

Painful to say? Yes. Because you never want to see a player who gave it his all for one organization for well over a decade resign, let alone one from the Steelers.

Now the soon-to-be 35-year-old seems to know his playing days are likely over after he hasn’t drawn a sniff of interest on the free-agent market, not even from Dick LeBeau’s cornerback-desperate Titans.

That alone may be a sign that it is over. When your former defensive coordinator shows no interest in you, then it might just be over for Taylor. But being a personable, polarizing figure in past television appearances, Ike may just find himself behind the desk on the NFL Network or ESPN if professional football doesn’t pan out.

Good luck to you, Ike Taylor.

Brian Christopher Jenkins