Steelers’ fans can do their part to make sure the Steelers advance in the Bracketology.


For the fourth straight year Steelers fans can fill out their brackets, football style. Bracketology is in full effect, with fans voting on the greatest games of all-time this year.

The Steelers are well represented in the ‘tournament,’ with three games included.

Fans can vote for the Steelers to advance in three different categories. 

In the Dynasty Makers Bracket the Steelers are the third seed for their Super Bowl XIII win over the Dallas Cowboys. VOTE

In the Individual Heroics bracket, the Steelers are the fourth seed for the victory over the Arizona Cardinals, and the heroics from James Harrison and Santonio Holmes are easy to remember. 

And in the Crazy Endings bracket, the Steelers are the seventh seed for the 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff game, otherwise known in Steelers lure as the ‘Immaculate Reception’ game.  VOTE

Click on the “VOTES” to vote now to make sure the games advance to the next round, or vote at Bracketology.

Brian Christopher Jenkins