THE MEDIA ARE IDIOTS: Pouncey Obviously Referring to Blount


It is pretty clear to me that when Pittsburgh Steelers center, Maurkice Pouncey said this:

“First of all, in my opinion, he’s a coward,” Pouncey told CBS Miami. “I never want a guy on my team like that, man. To walk out on your band of brothers.”

“Forget the things that don’t happen in the game, say if you don’t get the ball a lot or you mess up and they pull you out. Forget about all that, it’s about playing for your brothers.” was most likely referring to one LeGarrette Blount, the former Steelers running back who abruptly walked out on the team during an explosive 266 yard exhibition put on by running back, LeVeon Bell against the Tennessee Titans on Monday night Football. Not former Steelers/Dolphins wide receiver, Mike Wallace.

This should come as no surprise since Pouncey responded to Blount’s “give up mentality” with this:

“If you don’t want to be here, don’t be here,”  Pouncey told reporters on Tuesday the day following that game. “He had a decision to make as a man, and he made it. You know the consequences.”

But as we all know this all became misconstrued because the media chose to do so. Taking an in general answer to an “in general” question and running with it in the wrong usual.

I mean, why would Maurkice go out of his way to see Wallace off to Minnesota them turn around and blast him in the media? Which lead to this twitter response:

” Now I see why Marshawn Lynch gives the media short phrases”!

And now so do I. Printing things out of context is no better than accusing someone of a crime they didn’t commit. So in my honest opinion..”THE MEDIA ARE THE BIGGEST TROLLS ON THE INTERNET”!

Brian Christopher Jenkins