Hall of Fame 2015: “The Bus Stops Here”!


Jerome Bettis. The name alone speaks volumes. But when you add in “THE BUS”..it is the nickname that solidified “ground & pound” in the National Football League. As the picture above so well shows, and Brian Urlacher can attest to.

Bettis, is once again one of 15 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015. The Hall of Fame voters will hold their selection meeting on Saturday, January 31, and the Class of 2015 will be announced that night during the NFL Honors Show (NBC, 9 pm ET).

The Pittsburgh Steelers leading rusher from 1996-2001 and in 2003-04, Bettis posted 50 100-yard games with the Steelers and is ranked fifth overall in the NFL with 61 career 100-yard games. He had at least 1,000 yards eight seasons, ranking fifth in the NFL. He was voted to the Pro Bowl six times and capped his career by helping to lead the Steelers to a Super Bowl XL Championship.

Marcus Allen, a Hall of Fame running back who played for the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, thinks Jerome Bettis belongs. He thinks Bettis truly is one of the best.

“We want the best players in there,” said Allen. “Jerome Bettis is one of the best.”

Even more recent Hall of Fame inductee and frequent opponent of #36, Derrick Brooks decided to speak up in regards to Bettis and his resume to become a member of the greatest team ever assembled.

“I definitely think so. As far as that position, he fits the bill”, Brooks said, “his application has been approved for lack of a better word. His application is approved. In my opinion I do believe he deserves to be in there this year.”

The former NFL linebacker went on to say, “You know, I must admit, yes there were a few collisions and let’s just say I wasn’t on the end I wanted to be,” Brooks told Steelers.com. “I didn’t lose many battles one on one in my career. But in my competition, my battles with Jerome, I didn’t win as many as I wanted to.”

In my opinion Jerome Bettis deserved to be in the Hall of Fame at least second ballot, since he was not inducted as a first ballot finalist. Which leads me to wonder..”Is there indeed a conspiracy against the Pittsburgh Steelers most famed former running back”?

With 3,479 carries..13,662 yards..averaging 3.9 yards per carry and 91 touchdowns, Bettis deserves nothing less than a Gold Jacket putting to a storybook ending of a more than stellar career. So myself like many other fans, Hall of Famers and the NFL players alike, I am riding this bus once again to Canton, Ohio.