Jenkins’ Week 17 Preview: Bengals @ Steelers


If history has anything to do with the future, then the Pittsburgh Steelers are the odds on favorite to win this Sunday at Heinz Field against the Cincinnati Bengals. But as we all know, history in the National Football League does not dictate the future in any way..shape and/or form.

The Bengals, coming off of a huge win over the Peyton Manning piloted, Denver Broncos will be coming into DA Burgh with a rare sense of confidence. All due to the escalated play by running back, Jeremy Hill.

Hill, the rookie second round pick of the 2014 NFL Draft has been an aggressive downhill runner as of late. Averaging 6.3 yards per carry, 295 yards and 3 touchdowns over the past two games. Not bad numbers, but not good enough going against a 6th ranked rushing defense that has allowed a 99.3 rushing yards per game, giving up only 9 rushing touchdowns, while causing 9 rushing fumbles in the process. Now, “Flip the Script”..the Bengals will have to deal with a rushing game of their own. Steelers running back, Le’Veon Bell..need I say more.

For Cincinnati, the 23rd ranked rushing defense, Bell the 2nd leading rusher (with just under 100 less attempts than the 1st ranked DeMarco Murry)..will once again be a terror to the Bengals gapped defense against the run. Not just a rushing threat, but a threat in the receiving game as well, Le’Veon has the most yards by a running back from scrimmage in Steelers history.

Steelers passing defense? Sure, they have given up an average 300+ yards though the air over the past 3 games, but those are also games they have won. One of those 3 games versus the Bengals in Cincinnati.


With 300+ yards gained per game, the Steelers are the high flying, ground pounding 2nd ranked offense in the NFL. Post that up with the 16th ranked pass defense and you have a mismatch. Add in home field advantage, and the Pittsburgh Steelers should do just enough, without having to do too much to regain the AFC North title.

Steelers lead regular season series 53-34-0;
Steelers lead postseason series 1-0YearSiteResult1970PittsburghL, 10-21 CincinnatiW, 34-71971PittsburghL, 10-21 CincinnatiL, 13-211972CincinnatiW, 15-10 PittsburghL, 17-401973CincinnatiW, 19-7 PittsburghL, 13-201974CincinnatiW, 17-10 PittsburghL, 3-271975CincinnatiL, 24-30 PittsburghL, 14-351976PittsburghL, 6-23 CincinnatiL, 3-71977PittsburghL, 14-20 CincinnatiW, 17-101978CincinnatiL, 3-28 PittsburghL, 6-71979CincinnatiW, 34-10 PittsburghL, 17-371980CincinnatiW, 30-28 PittsburghW, 17-161981CincinnatiW, 34-7 PittsburghW, 17-101982PittsburghL, 20-26 (OT)1983CincinnatiL, 14-24 PittsburghW, 23-101984PittsburghL, 17-38 CincinnatiW, 22-201985PittsburghW, 37-24 CincinnatiW, 26-211986CincinnatiW, 24-22 PittsburghL, 9-301987PittsburghL, 20-23 CincinnatiL, 16-301988PittsburghW, 17-12 CincinnatiW, 42-71989CincinnatiW, 41-10 PittsburghW, 26-161990CincinnatiW, 27-3 PittsburghW, 16-121991CincinnatiL, 27-33 (OT) PittsburghL, 10-171992PittsburghL, 0-20 CincinnatiL, 9-211993PittsburghL, 7-34 CincinnatiL, 16-241994PittsburghL, 10-14 CincinnatiL, 15-381995PittsburghW, 27-9 CincinnatiL, 31-491996PittsburghL, 10-20 CincinnatiW, 34-241997CincinnatiL, 10-26 PittsburghL, 3-201998CincinnatiW, 25-20 PittsburghW, 25-241999CincinnatiL, 3-17 PittsburghW, 27-202000PittsburghL, 0-15 CincinnatiL, 28-482001PittsburghL, 7-16 CincinnatiW, 26-23 (OT)2002CincinnatiL, 7-34 PittsburghL, 21-292003CincinnatiL, 10-17 PittsburghW, 24-202004PittsburghL, 17-28 CincinnatiL, 14-192005CincinnatiL, 13-27 PittsburghW, 38-31 CincinnatiL, 17-31*2006PittsburghW, 28-20 CincinnatiL, 17-23 (OT)2007CincinnatiL, 13-24 PittsburghL, 10-242008CincinnatiL, 10-38 PittsburghL, 10-272009CincinnatiW, 23-20 PittsburghW, 18-122010CincinnatiL, 21-27 PittsburghL, 7-232011CincinnatiL, 17-24 PittsburghL, 7-352012CincinnatiL, 17-24 PittsburghW, 13-102013CincinnatiW, 20-10PittsburghL, 20-30*Wild Card Playoff