My Letter To Steelers World..Because We Own It


Dear Steelers World,

     We have been through a lot of ridicule over the past few seasons. “The Steelers are getting old”. “The Steelers are getting slow”. And more recently..”The Steelers are done, they will not make the post season”. A statement made by one, Michael “ASHY LIPS” Irving, and agreed upon by his counterpart, Warren “FAT BACK” Sapp.

Now, here is what we need to understand about such statements made by obvious Steelers HATERS..”THEY DON’T MEAN A MOTHER FUCKING THING TO REAL STEELERS FANS”! If anything, like the players who endure all the criticism on a personal standpoint, us as fans should always..”FEED OFF OF THE HATE”! Because let’s face it..Haters make the world go ’round.

Without idiot ass HATERS like Irving, Sapp and the quarterback that got embarrassed by “BIG” Ben Roethlisberger, Kurt Warner we would have no one to rub our Super Bowl wins in the face of. Because believe me, we will have another one to rub in their jealous, haterism faces real soon.

To make a long story short..”WE ARE STRONG STEELERS WORLD”! Let the pee-ons like Dallas claim America and Oakland argue over who’s NATION it is..”BECAUSE WE OWN THE PLANET”! “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD”! #PS4L

Brian Christopher Jenkins