WEEK 16: Steelers Keys to Victory (Video)

To add to Tunch’s 3 Keys, I’d like to add a few keys to victory myself.

OFFENSE: “Take the top off of the defense on turnovers”. Todd Haley needs to take advantage of a suspect pass defense in the Chiefs. Play action long, throat slitting passes on first down will put the Chiefs d on their heels. Try to keep the 3rd down yardage short, anywhere from 2 to 6 yards is doable. This can be obtained by 2nd down runs to the weak side.

DEFENSE:Watch for the Jamaal Charles cutbacks, and stay home on outside containment“. Charles is an illusive and strong runner, but his inside rushes tend to leave the outside containment open. This leads him to kick his runs outside due to gap blockage in the middle. Outside linebackers need to recognize the run, sit on it, she’d the blocks and contain any kick outs. With no TD passes to their receiving corps this season, the Chiefs will be doing anything to open that up.

And last but not least..

COACHING: “Mike Tomlin must trust in his coordinator play calling”. This is offensive coordinator, Todd Haley’s time to shine. I truly believe that Haley with keep his foot on the gas pedal against his former team. Leave it to Ben Roethlisberger to audible out of any plays he sees as suspect.

And there you have it. Keys from Tunch Ilkin and myself to today’s victory.

Brian Christopher Jenkins