For all of you idiots out there still slamming an uncharged, never arrested, falsely accused “BIG” Ben Roethlisberger of rape(s) that never happened..this is what you consider a “RAPIST”!

The Darren Sharper case — Sharper was indicted on rape charges in New Orleans last Friday — continues to weave a sordid and disturbing tale. Allegations released through testimony in a related matter Thursday afternoon provide disturbing details, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. 


Along with Sharper, Brandon Licciardi, a former Sheriff’s deputy in St. Bernard’s Parish, was also indicted. In pre-trial testimony from federal agents on Thursday in Licciardi’s case, we learned of “drugged cocktails” and high-stakes gambling involving Sharper.

Spiked Drinks

According to FBI Special Agent Robert Blythe’s testimony, Licciardi told investigators he attended a conference in Las Vegas where other NFL players were present. While there he was warned by one player the drinks had been spiked. 

Blythe did not specifically name the players Licciardi alleges were present and/or that he spoke to.

“It’s possible I could mess it up. There are a couple [names],” Blythe said.

A U.S. District Attorney asked Blythe what the NFL players and Licciardi called the spike drinks: Licciardi referred to the spiked drink mixture as “horny juice” and Sharper, in a text message to Blythe, called it “the potion.” 

“She’s on the potion. She’s ready,” Sharper wrote in a text to Licciardi according to Blythe.

Sharper was gambling on football and baseball according to testimony from Blythe. He gambled through a business owner Licciardi knew but when he started placing high-stakes wagers he was referred to a group of California-based “Russians.” 

According to the testimony, Sharper lost $25,000 and didn’t pay; the bookie warned Licciardi about future repercussions.

“They’ll get your address and they will come kill you,” the bookie said he warned Licciardi.


Licciardi was indicted on a number of chargers. His battery charge, per the Times-Picayune, was for attempting to drug a woman in a New Orleans bar.
Licciardi was transported to FBI headquarters by  father, also an officer of the law, and was accompanied by a barricade of FBI vehicles and FBI surveillance planes.