Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Media Power Rankings


As we head into Week 15 of the National Football League season, here is the Tale of the Tape for the Black and Gold:

Steelers At Home: 4-2 On The Road: 4-3

AFC North Record: 3-2

AFC Record: 7-3 Non-Conference: 1-2

Against Teams With Winning Records: 4-2

Against Teams With .500 Or Worse Records: 4-3

Points Scored: 362 Points Allowed: 319

The rest of the AFC North Division breaks down as follows: the Cincinnati Bengals are 8-4-1 with a 2-2 division record while the Baltimore Ravens are 8-5-0 and 2-3 in the division. The Cleveland Browns round out the winingest division in the NFL this season with a 7-6-0 mark and a 2-2 record against their AFC North brothers.

Let’s check in with the experts around the internet and see where they place the Black and Gold in the pecking order of the NFL this time around.

CBSSports – This Week #12 / Last Week #15 – Pete Prisco believes this team will go as far as its offense will carry them.

ESPN – This Week #10 / Last Week #16 – The World Wide Leader compares Le’Veon Bell’s last three weeks to that of Walter Payton back in 1977.

FanSided – This Week #11 / Last Week #18 – Josh Sanchez still feels the Steelers can claim one of the Wild Card spots if they stay consistent over the final weeks.

FOX Sports – This Week #16 / Last Week #22 – Dan Schneier feels the team has proved that they can win games by outscoring their opponents.

NFL.com – This Week #10 / Last Week #16 – Elliot Harrison thinks Le’Veon Bell is the best running back in the league.

Sports Illustrated – This Week #12 / Last Week #20 – Chris Burke feels the final three weeks could be a roller coaster ride for Steelers Nation..

USA Today – This Week #10 / Last Week #16 – The USA Today crew keeps the trend rolling by moving Pittsburgh up in the rankings. They are also fans of Le’Veon Bell this season.

Yahoo Sports – This Week #11 / Last Week #19 – Frank Schwab makes it a clean sweep in elevating Pittsburgh in the power rankings. He is not confident that they will finish the season strong.

Do you agree with the experts? Can the Steelers win two in a row this week? I truly believe they can..and will. What is your prediction for the outcome of the game against the Falcons? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. #PS4L

Brian Christopher Jenkins