STEELERS V. BENGALS: History Means Nothing in Week 14


The series between the two teams began in 1970. The Pittsburgh Steelers hold an overall 53-34 record over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers won 24 of those 53 wins in Cincinnati, to the Bengals 19 in they’re own dojo. Impressive..yes. BUT..what does any of that have to do with this Sunday? “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”..say it again..

Look, we’ve learned over the past 2 3/4 years..(aka since Todd Haley was hired)..that history means nothing when it comes to this Steelers team. Why? Totally different players..totally different coaches..totally state of mind. Now here is where I get very blunt..And I’m not talking “LeGarrette”!

The Pittsburgh Steelers, although my reason to live when it comes to the NFL, have completely lost their identity. They no longer know or understand if they are a “run first” offense, or a “run to seal” offense, and that is a very serious problem. Because the Steelers have one of the most..(if not the most)..high powered offense in the National Football League, and they need to recognize it as such.

Running back, LeVeon Bell..wide receiver, Antonio Brown and quarterback, “BIG” Ben Roethlisberger. Any team in the NFL would give anything to have that starting trio on their roster. But the Steelers do, and have yet to capitalize on it since, well..Todd Haley was hired.

Bell, has the Jerome “THE BUS” Bettis type of qualities that can carry a team to victory, as shown against the Tennessee Titans in week 11. Brown, can and will run any route he is asked to, reminiscent to one #86..Hines Ward, with an uncanny trait of gaining unheard of 3rd and long for 1st downs. And Ben? Ben has been Ben..since Been became Ben..way back when. So what’s my point?

“The Pittsburgh Steelers need to regain their identity within the National Football League”! No one..not them, opposing teams or us as fans..know what to expect of them anymore. But they have always had more success when everyone knew what was coming, week in..And..week out. So what I want to see, as do all other Steelers fans is “stability” and “consistency”..because that’s what wins games, along with talent of course.

Having said this in a openly cracked nutshell, the Steelers need to “RUN THE BALL”! Tire out defenses from beginning to end, with a taste of Brown, Miller and Bryant in between. And they will gain a much needed win in week 14. Trust me, if they take that route from here on’s playoff bound..and beyond. Plus will earn my prediction of



Brian Christopher Jenkins