Steelers Fall to Saints 35-32 But Still in Playoff Hunt


How do you complete 32/58 passes, throw for 435 yards, with 2 touchdowns and still lose a game? Throw two pivotal interceptions to the team who’s quarterback threw for five(5) touchdowns..that’s how.

On the 40th Anniversary of Super Bowl IX, New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees and the once 4-7 Saints casually strolled into Heinz Field early today and proved that the Pittsburgh Steelers have major problems with teams below .500. Walking away with a 35-32 victory, and a well earned 5-7 record.

The Steelers, now 7-5 must travel to Cincinnati next week and take on the 8-3-1 Bengals. The only team in the ADD North to win this afternoon. But the losses by the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens helped keep Pittsburgh in the hunt for a playoff birth.

The Steelers and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger did exactly the opposite of what needed to be done, as I had stated in my previous “Keys to Steelers Victory” article. BIG Ben was the key, but failed to find the keyhole even with a 400+ yardage game. But it’s not quite over for the Pittsburgh Steelers just yet.

The fact that the Browns, Ravens and Steelers are all tied up at 7-5 give Pittsburgh a fighting chance to earn a playoff spot. Which is exactly what they must do..”FIGHT”! Fight to win out the rest of the regular season, starting with the Bengals in week 14. The good news is, Cincinnati has a winning record.

Sounds strange I know, but I am more confident with the Steelers going up against a division leader, than the likes of a “bottom of the barrel” type of team. And they have one week to get it together, or find themselves watching the playoffs from the couch for the third year in a row. #PS4L