Steelers “Key” to Victory: “BIG” BEN ROETHLISBERGER


Now, I’m not going to sugar coat or beat around the bush..”BEN ROETHLISBERGER” the key to the Pittsburgh Steelers defeating the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Here’s the deal, the Steelers have proven that they can be a dominating offense, but they need Ben to have a dominating game as well. This is a game that has huge playoff chances for both teams, regardless of the fact that they have reversed mirror records(4-7/7-4). Ben will need to sustain long drives to give his defense a rest and keep the Saints offense off of the field. He also needs to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers so that they can utilize their athleticism to make plays. Ben is going to be key for the Steelers in Week 13.

Roethlisberger, who is a master at recognizing the blitz needs to call the correct audible to cancel sed blitz, which is very capable of doing. He is the one that will control the actions and routes of running back, LeVeon Bell and wide receiver, Antonio Brown. Because the Saints will be disguising their blitzes the entire game, to disguise the fact that their defense is mediocre.

Ben has an uncanny trait of recognizing these disguises, especially having to deal with defensive coordinator Dick Le’Beau’s exotic blitz package on a daily practice basis. He just needs to make sure the other 10 men on the field know this.

No delay of games, no false starts, no holding penalties(due to holding the BALL too long)..and the Pittsburgh Steelers will come out of this week 13 match up victorious.

My Prediction still stands..