From a a PLANT?


Huh? What? Seems a bit in reverse, doesn’t it? But in this situation it may just be possible.

PICTURE THIS: The New England Patriots have not won a Super Bowl Title since “SPYGATE” was exposed. They make it to the Super Bowl twice..”Losing” the New York Giants both times.

“WHAT”? The great, Tom Brady losing to the lesser Manning..(now the dominating Manning)..can’t be! Oh..but do be. Speaking of “DOOBIE” in rolls LeGarrette Blount (you catch those play on words).

COACH BELICHICK: “I’m an NFL genius and don’t like losing honestly”, only to think to himself. “What can I do to cheat without cameras so I can win once again”?

TOM BRADY: “I got it, Daddy..a plant”!

BELICHICK: “Hmmm..who do we have that we can cut, show interest in the most dominating team in the NFL in need of player in his position known for insubordination, that will get cut by that team..only to have us resign him and obtain all of their secrets”?


Now, is that so farfetched? I mean, coach Belichick is a genius..right? What would prevent him from coming up with such a convoluted plan? Nothing. Except for someone like myself with a convoluted mind to decipher a plan as such. But after 14 years in the Marine Corps..”I TRUST NO ONE”! #PS4L