APOLOGY: Not Accepted..Blount


You know, every time I try to give this idiot some slack, he always finds a way to strangle himself.

Ex-Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount took to Twitter to celebrate his signing with the Patriots and apologize to the Steelers for what he referred to as a ‘bad decision.’


“BULLSHIT”! I can say that because I don’t get paid by the morons backing these idiots. I get paid because I go against these idiots that back these morons. “Decipher”..

What he is basically trying to say is..”Haha”! I got what I wanted, and what coach Belichick needed so I can be reinstated as a Patriot. And this is my message to him.

Dear Asshole,

     You are, always have been and always will be irrelevant in the National Football League. You are a “ME” kind of player, and the last I heard..”ME”..doesn’t win Super Bowl Titles. So go ahead and live off of last year’s fantasy football scores. Because you will always be a Cheatriot at heart. #PS4L