Riding “THE BUS” to Canton


The picture above solidifies the man.

Tonight on NFL Network, the Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalist announcement will take place. And the beginning of the well traveled road of former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Jerome “The Bus” Bettis.

Bettis, the NFL’s 6th leading all-time rushers with 13,662 yards and 91 touchdowns. And the only running back in the top 10 other than LaDainian Tomilson (5th) to not receive a gold jacket.

Mix in a Super Bowl title and there should be no way that The Bus does not receive his Bust in Canton. But as we all know this is his third time being up for receiving this hallowed honor.

He will be going up against the likes of Terrell Davis, Marvin Harrison, Roger Craig, Kurt Warner and Tim Brown just to name a few. So I ask you, is Jerome Bettis deserving of the Hall of Fame?

Let me answer that for you. “YES”! A thousand times over “YES”! And not because I am a fan of his or the Pittsburgh Steelers, but become I am a fan of Professional Football. And Jerome Bettis has had an exemplary career, as well been a well respected public figure on and off of the field. A mentor to players today, and a roll model for those players to come. So I say..”LET HIM IN”! He is much more than a deserving candidate. #PS4L