TERRIBLE TOWEL CURSE: Nothing to do with Tonight’s game


Sure, we all as diehard Steelers fans remember Tennessee Titans players, Keith Bullock, Jevon Kearse and Lendale White disrespecting former Steelers announcer, the late “GREAT” Myron Cope’s creation..”THE TERRIBLE TOWEL”. But neither of those players are in the league any longer.

So in a sense the curse did its job. Banishing two of the most hated players in the Burgh. Next to Chad “Oh-So-Stinko” Johnson, who is also no longer in the NFL, and former Ravens running back, Ray Rice who is dealing with his own form of punishment as well.

Tonight’s game involves a totally different team, with one of our own former coaches at the helm. Former assistant head coach, Ken Whisenhunt now with Tennessee, was a part of that Steelers team that was disrespected by the Titans.

The Titans paid dearly for that the next time the two teams met, but the last meeting back in September, 2013 ended in a 16-9 Titans victory. Hence ended the revenge that had already been dished out the previous season.

So basically, “Let It Go”..Steelers Nation. Tonight’s game has a new reason for the Pittsburgh Steelers to open up a can of “WHOOP ASS”! And that is regaining the top spot in the AFC North, and carrying that momentum into the playoffs and beyond. #PS4L