I have seen a lot of episodes of
ESPN’s “NFL Live”..that has left a sour taste in my mouth. But none more than yesterday’s “NFL Mid-Season Awards” episode. But should I blame ESPN..or their audience? ANSWER: “ESPN”!!! Here’s why.

Had I not had a childhood friend who used to work for ESPN, I would have believed it was the fans. But knowing what I do know, it seems that certain “Big Market Teams”..and..”Big Money Owners” get the attention they want from your network.

Now for my rant: “To have Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck and the recently humiliated 37-0 loss quarterback, Phillip Rivers” your top 5 nominees as NFL’s Mid-Season the biggest travesty of justice I have ever witnessed!

“UMMM..EXCUSE ME BITCHES”? What about the quarterback who has thrown for 12 touchdown passes over the past 2 weeks with..”NO INTERCEPTIONS”..through that two week span? “YES”! I am talking about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, “BIG” Ben Roethlisberger..”YOU IDIOTS”!

Sure, go ahead and blame your “AWARDS” results on the fans, but I know it’s the owner’s of these lesser quarterback’s teams that places the these players on your so-called “ballot”.

Besides former Jets head coach, Herm Edwards who believed that Roethlisberger should not only have been on that ballot but..”WON”..the hypothetical award of yours, Trey and his disciples thought Tom Brady should be the winner. Despite the so-called fan’s choice of Peyton Manning. Now, you can call myself and coach Edwards (who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers)..”HOMERS”..but as one of your shows says..”NUMBERS DON’T LIE”!

Now, onto your “NFL POWER RANKINGS”.

New England, Arizona, Denver, Philadelphia and Indianapolis? “What”? The same Indianapolis Colts that got destroyed in Pittsburgh two weeks ago? “Why”? Because they walked over a garbage New York Giants team on Monday Night Football? the words of Steelers former offensive coordinator..”MULARKEY”!

And like Herm, 1/2 of “Mike & Mike” host, Mike Golick believed that the Pittsburgh Steelers should have been in the top five at least. But no, they are slapped into the 7th place position under the..”DETROIT LIONS AT THE 6TH”?

But that’s cool, being that the Steelers are posted at #7..because that’s going to be the number of Super Bowl Rings they will have come season’s end. So..”SCREW YOU ESPN”! You officially..”SUCK”! #PS4L