Brian C. Jenkins: “I’m Calling You Out, Goodell”!


Will this blog/message to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell reach his line of sight? Who knows. But my blogs have gotten under the skin of numerous NFL players. No reason to not give it a shot when it comes to the Commish.

After viewing the blatantly late hit Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs laid on Pittsburgh Steelers running back, LeGarratte Blount last night..I can’t help but ask..”Are you going to suspend and/or fine Suggs for that hit, Mr. Goodell”?

I mean, appeared that Blount’s legs were still pumping, and his knees momentarily seemed to be not touching the turf. But does that really matter? It was a violent & vicious hit from behind from a player who obviously was in a frustrated state of mind, and definitely needs to be punished in one way and/or in another.

Roger, you cannot pick and choose who you believe should be fined or suspended. But you can go by the integrity of the NFLPLA, and treat this as a situation that should, and better be addressed. Because let’s face it, if it was returned Steelers linebacker, James Harrison laying that hit his notice of being fined and suspension would have been taped on his locker at game end.

So I have to ask you, Roger. Are you going to due the “Protect Ratbird Maneuver” and sweep this incident under the rug like the Ray Rice situation? Or are you going to show the slightest inclination of “INTEGRITY”, and honestly do what needs to be done. Because I, for one of many, am tired of your favoritism act. #PS4L