Suggs Playing “Ugly”..As Usual

As the picture above clearly shows..”TERRELL SUGGS IS ONE UGLY MOTHER F#@& ER” well as a “dirty” player to boot.

Myself, not able to view the obvious late hit on Pittsburgh Steelers running back, LeGarrate Blount due to a hospital visit. I was able to see the replay of the spectacle via NFL Mobile this morning.


“I don’t know what (Suggs) was doing,” Blount said after Pittsburgh’s 43-23 win, according to The Baltimore Sun. “I don’t know what he was thinking. He’s known to be a “dirty player”. As long as he does that he’s going to continue to have people come after him and do whatever we did to get in his head.”

The former Defensive Player of the Year denied any wrongdoing.

“He was running, he was still up and he was moving the pile,” Suggs said. “I assessed the play, and that was the only way I could get him down without him gaining more yards. I wasn’t trying to get him hurt. I was just trying to get the big guy down.”

“WITHOUT HIM GAINING MORE YARDS”? Suggs must not understand, that when you hit a running back already moving forward from behind, he is indeed..”aiding in more yardage being gained”!

Having their (Baltimore Ravens) asses handed to them can be the cause of a little frustration, but that style of play is just what Suggs is known for. An ugly player with a dirty streak that makes me wish that former Steelers wide receiver, Hines Ward was still playing in the league. An across the middle, no head swiveling crack from #86 would leave his jaw bone on the turf.


Dear Fugly Suggly,

     “QUIT BEING A LITTLE BITCH AND HITTING DEFENSELESS PLAYERS FROM BEHIND”! Just because your hideous Ratbird organization will never matchup to the likes of the 6x (soon to be 7x) Super Bowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers, does not give a reason or the right to “blatantly” try to take someone out! You are an ugly Son of a Bitch..”plain and simple”!

Sincerely yours,
    Brian Christopher Jenkins

P.S. “Get a face transplant”!