“Payback’s A Bitch”! (Ravens v. Steelers)

Sure. We all know how the meeting between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens turned out in week 2. But do you know what I know?

STEELERS 35 Ravens 17

That’s my more than dominating prediction for this Sunday’s game at Heinz Field, and my reason for that is simple. “The Steelers are indeed clicking”!

Yeah, I know that the majority of NFL fans may call me a “Homer”..and that may be. I am also someone who predicted the downfall of the Indianapolis Colts last week. That reason being. “HISTORY”!

Click on the link below to see what that history is: via mcubed.com


23-17 The record favoring the Steelers since 1996.

Now, if there is one thing that we all know about the Steelers is that they hold onto history and tradition. Does that mean anything when it comes to..”Any Given Sunday”? Yes!

Why? “STEELERS win big games”!! Due to the “Raven Killer” himself, “BIG” Ben Roethlisberger.


Roethlisberger set several Steelers records and came close to breaking the NFL’s all-time record when he passed for 522 yards and six touchdowns in a 51-34 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. He completed a franchise-record 40 of 49 passes (81.6 percent) with no interceptions.

Now, what did Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs have to say about #7`s performance?

“Congratulations to him. Whatever,” the linebacker said. “They have to line up Sunday and so do we.”

Yes, we know we have to line up Suggs. But what you need to line up is a plastic surgeon. Because your mug is unbelievably “FUGLY”!!

My prediction stands! #PS4L