Screw The Experts: Colts 21 Steelers 24


Sure, the Indianapolis Colts are favored to win in this Sunday’s match up versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sure,
the majority of NFL analysts around the league are predicting a Colts win as well. But I am “somewhat” of an expert myself, and I see otherwise. HERE’S WHY:

“20-6-0”! That right there is the Steelers record versus the Colts from 1950 to 2011. Points scored 628-421. That’s a 207 point differential.

Or maybe the Colts have a chance due to a few premiere players. “No”! HERE’S WHY:

The Colts are not only marching into Heinz Field without the presence of wide receiver Reggie Wayne, but also maybe missing the likes of running back Trent Richardson as well. Not that Wayne made any difference in deciding games vs. the Steelers. Nor did Richardson in his short lived tenure with the Cleveland Browns. So who does that leave us with?

Andrew Luck. Who although maybe “On Fire ” by most standards, but he will be facing a Steelers defense who is even more “En Llamas” than he.

Last Monday Night’s game versus the Houston Texans showed that once the Steelers D is’s on! Constructing two pivotal takeaways with 2:47 of the first half to give Pittsburgh a 24-13 lead. Where they were once down 13-0.

Not to mention “Big” Ben Roethlisberger’s two play, 63 yard drive for a touchdown (13-10) which shows that the offense may just be clicking too. “PREDICTION STANDS”! #PS4L