Steelers State of Emergency

Too soon to call it? “Probably so”. No need to worry? “I beg to differ”. The Steelers know what they are doing? “At this point and time..even I can’t answer that question”.

The fact of the matter is, the Pittsburgh Steelers need to and “MUST” get better. And by getting better, I mean that..”Heads Must Roll”!


Now, myself personally?  I have never(with Kansas City)..nor will I ever or plan to become a fan of offensive coordinator, Todd Haley. So it is very easy for me to say..”Off with his head”! But, another or couple come into consideration at this point.


Head coach Mike Tomlin, took an already Bill Cowher built team to the Super Bowl twice..losing one. Does that make him part of the recent failure of the Steelers franchise? Well..”Yes & No”.

YES: Because it was not only coach Tomlin’s idea to bring back one of the worst cover corners in the NFL in William Gay, but he also was the mastermind behind the Haley hiring.

NO: Because although he inherited an slowly aging Pittsburgh team, he has keep them on the mind of opposing teams as well as the mouths of the media. But 8-8 over the last two(2) seasons is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated by the Steelers organization or the Rooney family.

So I personally see it as this. One more poorly offensive game called by OC Todd Haley, and he is out the door. One more 8-8 season, and HC Mike Tomlin will be joining him.