Jenkins “Do’s & Don’ts to Victory” (Steelers v. Buccaneers)


Let’s face it..”they are all NFL professionals”.. but sometimes the Pittsburgh Steelers have a difficult time remembering that.

Unlike last Sunday versus the Carolina Panthers, the Steelers played and fought diligently through the entire 60 minutes of that game. Gaining 454 total yards in a 37-19 victory over Carolina in week 3.

Rewind back to week 1, when Pittsburgh nearly blew a 24 point halftime lead to squeeze out a 30-27 win against the Cleveland Browns. And let’s not even get into the week 2 debacle versus the Baltimore Ravens.

So here are my “Do & Don’t” to a Pittsburgh Steelers week 4 victory.


1) The Steelers “MUST” keep their foot on the gas pedal at all times. The team has an uncanny tendency to gain a comfortable lead, only to raise their foot off of the neck of opposing teams. That is a big factor in many of Pittsburgh losses in the past.

2) Establish the pass game first, then incorporate more run plays into the game plan as a lead builds.


Sounds a bit reverse rolled I know, but “Big” Ben Roethlisberger must project his dominance early on to put the Tampa Bay defense on their heels.

3) Let LeVeon Bell do his thing.


Already in talks as this years NFL leading rusher, Bell knows exactly what to do with the ball when he gets it. Whether taking off guard, up the middle or receiving out of the back field..he does it all.

4) The defense my remain intense and involved for the entire game.


Minus the presence of veteran corner Ike Taylor, the Steelers are equipped with a plethora of veterans who know what it takes to be dominant.


This one is very simple. “DON’T GIVE INTO TAMPA BAY’S 0-3 RECORD”! The Steelers do this don’t, and they walk away with a very convincing win.

And there you have it. The Jenkins’ Must Do & Don’t for another Pittsburgh Steelers victory. Plus my prediction still stands: