Harrison Back With Steelers..(Pros & Cons)


The return of recently retired NFL linebacker, James Harrison back to the Pittsburgh Steelers has brought a mixture of approval and disapproval from NFL Experts and fans alike. Here are my top five(5) for each Pros and Cons category. Starting with the latter first.


1) AGE: At 36 years old, Harrison will be the eldest of the linebacking crew. But with age comes experience.

2) DURABILITY: Having not played a full 16 game season since 2010, questions about his health and injury-prone tendencies come into play.

3) PRODUCTION: Harrison accumulated a total of 31 tackles and 2 sacks over a 15 game period of the 2013-2014 season with the Cincinnati Bengals.

4) OFF-FIELD DISTRACTIONS: Tweets like the one below to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are indeed funny and entertaining, but a distraction nonetheless to the Steelers locker room.


5) ATTITUDE: Although I find Harrison’s attitude to be what Steelers hard-nosed type of play was founded on, NFL League Officials seem to think otherwise. Leading to some unneeded and unwanted penalties at pivotal points of the game.


1) INTENSITY: No doubt that Harrison has an unmatched intense style of play. Something that will make others around him better, directing much needed attention his way and off others.

2) VETERAN PRESENCE: With one of the leagues oldest on the defensive side of the ball, it never hurts to have another with “been there..seen that” type of knowledge.

3) BALL HAWKING SKILLS: Very few players have the ability to sniff out the ball like #92. Whether quarterback, running back or falling into coverage, Harrison has an uncanny knack for finding the ball carrier.

4) FAMILIARITY: What can be better than having Harrison returning to the team that gave him the opportunity to showcase his talent? Being familiar with the team’s plays and expectations is always a huge plus.

5) ATTITUDE: Yes, just like #5 on the Con’s side..it is also the same for the Pro’s. Harrison’s attitude can go either way for the Steelers. It can both penalize as well as pump up the team.

So there you have it. My personal “PROS & CONS” list for the return of James Harrison to The Burgh. All in all, I find the decision to resign him as being both daring yet brilliant at the same time. But as in time..only it will tell. #PS4L